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Wood Tie Grading

Aurora’s proprietary grading technology provides accurate, repeatable results at speeds of up to 42 miles per hour.

  • Implements Four Grade Customized Model
  • FRA Compliance Reporting
  • Tie Clusters Analysis

Concrete Tie Inspection

Rail seat deterioration (RSD), also referred to as rail seat abrasion (RSA), describes the degradation of concrete tie material beneath the rail seat which if left unrepaired creates safety concerns.

  • Measures RSD and Pad Wear
  • Fastener Assessment
  • Insulator Assessment

Rail Base Corrosion

Rail Base Corrosion, a result of adverse environmental conditions leads to material loss at the base of the rail, and is quite prevalent in the underground tunnels of the eastern United States.

  • Identifies critical loss of rail base in tunnels
  • Evaluates rail base chip depth and shape
  • Creates segmented prioritization report

Aurora Track Inspection

With the latest, state of the art cameras and lasers in machine vision technology, the system is able to reproduce extremely accurate 3D models of the track. To date, Aurora has inspected over 100 million ties and assigned corresponding milepost coordinates, GPS coordinates, and tie grade information to each individual tie. Aurora provides full scale wood tie grading supporting system tie estimating, planning, marking, and tie unloading.

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